The Conservative Horizontal

The Conservative Horizontal


Product Description

The Conservative Horizontal is brilliant barn door hardware that makes a classic statement. Simplistic and raw, the darkened steel patina’s versatility and the six wheel color options make it a natural fit in any room in your habitat. Be Bold. Be Modern.

What's Included

  • 1 Horizontal Track Rail w/ 3”x3-1/2” Mounting Plates

  • 2 Wheels

  • Vertical Mounting Bracket Systems

  • 4 Door Spacers

  • 2 Rubber door Stops

  • 1 U-Shaped Door Guide

  • 1 L-Shaped Door Guide

  • Includes All Mounting Hardware

Other Track Finish Options

  • Patina

  • Black Powder Coat

  • MAIDEN Grey Powder Coat

  • Bronze Powder Coat

  • White Powder Coat

  • Custom Powder Coat

Prices range from $1,999 - $2,299

(Industry professional discounts may apply)

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MAIDEN’s Barn Door Hardware is nothing short of art.  It works how it needs to and looks amazing.  MAIDEN has a variety of colors and metals, it’s worth checking them all out.  If you are a fan of functional art then you should use MAIDEN! -Pollie G.